Reuse your jars

Whether in a propagation station, in a flowerpot, in storage or even to remake a candle, there are a dozen ways to reuse your empty candle jars. But before you can give them a second life, here are some methods for emptying and cleaning the remaining wax from a candle.

If you have a thick enough glass candle, you can make a water bath , boil some water and put the candle jar in, without it being totally submerged (or you can use a bowl and put the container has a candle inside so it doesn't touch the water directly), into the pan. Wait until the wax is completely melted to pull it out of the pot. You can remove the remaining wax easily. All that remains is to clean the pot with soap and water to give it a second life!

If there is a small layer of wax left (or you are very patient) you can use a hair dryer or a heat gun to melt the remaining wax.

You can also bring the wax up with hot water inside the pot. Boil some water then slowly pour the boiling water into the container. You can fill it halfway since the wax will rise to the surface on its own. Leave for a few hours and when the water is completely cold and the wax is on the surface, you can remove the wax plate with a knife.

You can put the candle jar in the freezer , it takes a little longer, but it's a very simple method. Simply place the jar in the freezer overnight. The wax will peel away from the glass which will allow you to remove the wax easily with a knife.

Now it's up to you to give a second life to your old candle jars!